Flash game Age of war

Age of war super strategy game

Quickly cover of Age of War Come play very strat gy taking!

You're a fan of action games? If you are a hard leather, just prove it with Age Of War (age (time) of the war).

As its name suggests, Age Of War includes all types of war after the diff ferent ages. This is a great flash game that can be classified in the category cat action games. The principles of the game are simple. Age Of War with you runs into the history pr. You butes of a Stone Age men armed with e club. R must succeed to pierce the enemy's line man to arrive at their base and to destroy it too.

The eras are going to the Stone Age until the era of Star Wars (war paintings) through the age of castles and our time. This game goes into some kind of archaic times to the future through the pr sent.

How to play Age of War?

The hard-span is still quite long but once arrived in the future, everything becomes easier with turrets. The game offers a very large number of units and turret and several strat gies possible.

But the question to ask is: will you be able to reach the future despite the many obstacles that you must face. The size of fi is then quickly launches you into the adventure and see if you can raise it. As for the tick esth, the graphics are excellent, the game is super fluid with a very good playability.

The sound effects also stick to the differently contexts, whether the pass, pr feels or future. D fed straight game by clicking the Play button in the middle of the game screen you can also do wonders to cover this action game your friends, they will love and adopt no doubt. Have fun

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