Flash game Airborne Wars 2

Airborne Wars 2 a game of strategy and tactics of war

War is one of the ways that many civilizations and countries use to r Gler conflicts between them. In the art of war is no necessary to have a good attack Use Strategy to exit win battles and war itself. Airborne Wars is a game that respects this logic. In Airborne Wars you have to send your soldiers in the buildings of your enemies and those available to the er conquest. This game is the sequel to the first game, you'll have your troops from r so was able to get hold of free buildings screw s for conquest and enemy buildings, low on careful strat gy well established. The enemy will most likely have a home field advantage as data on some areas there will be sometimes a chasm that will stand as a barrier to undermine the enemy, it will be necessary n has some steps to make use of forces riennes that will make the troops cross chasms.

Your main goal here is to send your troops in all areas of the game to capture all the buildings, this spot is shoed by intermediate mediate a mouse. R to capitulate you should make use of your agility to manipulate the mouse to make the investments and of a total concentration for you out of the pits which sometimes adorn s of your enemies you. Among the buildings captured s sp cial and some will be free, capture you will increase your capacity by adding s s sp cial capacity such as airport has to allow you to do your parachute troops and the acquisition of a warehouse and better weapons n necessary to victory in Airborne Wars 2. A war game and Use Strategy Labor very well with effects and worthy scenarios Age of Empire.

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