Flash game Battle Star Empire

Battle Star Empire adventure game and strategy

Mene your empire through successive ages in Battle Star Empire, a great adventure game and Use Strategy! If you like games where you have to develop strat gies, r fl chir to destroy enemies or to build empires, you'll like this beautiful game "Battle Star Empire" is an adventure game ultra fun, low on the principle of games Use Strategy. In this game, the only strat gy can not complete all the tasks, you will have a good dose of luck and more. In this game you have to build a whole empire, with its officials, its buildings and its activity sector s. To build, it is necessary first of resources, it will be necessary to build a building collection of resources: food, wood, titanium, wood etc.. All these resources will be used by the diff es ent sectors of activity. You can cr er a farm cr er foods that feed the workers, a charbonniere to collect wood to help the construction and other types of buildings for the remaining resources.

To win novas, which will allow you to achieve Wonders, you can go to the center of change and try to find. Sometimes you fall in battle, it is completely unsafe. You have an enemy assigned, and will have a number of soldiers from 10 to 20. You will need a soldier to fight. On the battlefield, you will see your number of troops available and the number of soldiers in the opposing team. You can choose the number of soldiers to attack using the + or - to end the war, you must either kill all your enemies or lose all your troops on the battlefield.

Then press Continue. The ultimate goal is to advance through the ages, performing actions and winning battles to finish building your empire in 30 years or less.

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