Flash game Space Empires

Space Empires game of strategy and management galactic

Show your talents end strategist and governs the Galactic world in this time management game. Colonize planets maximum am to improve the economy and the health of your empire in Space Empires. You're at the head of a large intergalactic empire and your mission is to conquer other lands to r GNER as grand master of the universe. Other planets will not allow themselves to dominate as easily, you will have to use your arsenal of strikes to fight and attach.

The more you conquer the planets more your empire grows and gains in power. This will allow you to make buildings on your planets to develop defense systems to ultramodern against other invaders. Strengthen your colonies and drove to other lands to save even more authority and territory. Start by choosing your character: D finishes his appearance, name and level of difficulty. From the main screen, at the bottom of the screen, you have access to three levels of ability of your space power: diplomacy (Diplomacy), economy (Economy) and military (Military). Click on one of the buttons to act in the fields.

At the bottom of the screen to the left, two buttons allows you to act on the planets of the galactic system. Insert spy sends a spy on enemy planets to obtain information or to sabotage the defense of the planet. Click on the Attack button to attack enemy planet a planet.

On the planets of your empire, you can build buildings (building) as well as systems of defense. If it hits a problem, click the Help button to bn acquirable help to further advance in the game A very good game Use Strategy, colonization ad cover for all fans of the genre.

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