Flash game Stalingrad

Stalingrad tower defense game and strategy

Come to cover Stalingrad, super tower defense game and Use Strategy amid World War II!

You're a fan of good games r flexion? Then you'll certainly appr cial this great flash game that you're about. Stalingrad is a flash game classified in the category cat games r d bending and defense towers. For those who do not know, Stalingrad is the name of a Russian city nicknamed e in honor of Stalin, a Russian ros h of the era.

Stalingrad is a rather classic game, including unit and riennes s land, and five types of weapons to counter these unit s.

How to play a Stalingrad?

The hard-span is very good thanks to the four levels that have the game, each with 30 waves of enemies. The difficulty is rather well APRON and rentr are gold is gradually progressing. The first level is probably the most difficult, because of a lack of money to both a fright too. So we will have to build all of the goal.

The interface throws with a standard tank in black and white, and the explanations are relatively concise. But the icons for s lectionner and place towers, are also r ussis. The playability is very simple, but at the end, it is best to consult the instructions, because you will be lost with the five types of towers; upgrades (upgrades) are also-simple, just click on the tower.

Bad point against the towers sold almost relate anything. So not worth it to replace its towers. If you're a fan of great games r bending or just fun and super fun flash games, then fed to a party without any further delay.

Your turn now! Good game

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