Flash game Strategy

Startegy board game and strategy

D covers the game tray and Strategy Defeat your opponent with red hexagons!

For all lovers of games Use Strategy, Strategy here, a really int esting and friendly game. You'll have to fill up a tray of red hexagons to achieve to beat your opponent. You must feel good strategist and you r fl chisses the way around your opponent.

The game principle is conquest er the greatest number of squares on the board by placing your pieces you have, which are small red hexagons. A mirthful int these hexagons, there is an integer number from 1 to 20. If the number registered in your piece is larger than adjacent points, they take the color of your pawn. In addition to taking your color, know that if pions a cot belong to you, they earn one unit each time.

How to play a Strategy?

You'll play with the computer that has the pieces in blue colors and each of you have pawns and plays a turn.

To play, just as you click on a hexagonal box to fill it with your color with a random num ro al. If the box is blue, know that the box has t taken by your opponent, you can r cup rer changing the color only if you possess a nearby box and it contains a higher lev than your opponent numbers. When you manage to fill all the spaces on the board, the corresponding numbers are added to each piece for each player and the winner is the one whose sum is the largest. So to play it you have to be very careful and you look out the boxes that are available to d ja covered.

To play, so you just need to click with the mouse. Good luck and good game!

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