Flash game Samurai Sudoku

Samurai Sudoku puzzle game and sudoku puzzle type

Upgrade your brain has the evidence in Samurai Sudoku game super r-type bending and sudoku puzzle!

You love games r flexion? D sires you play it? Then you are on the right page. On our platform, we offer free games r flexion online for fun, but also to ensure your mind.

One of the best games of r flexion that we propose is the c lebre Sudoku. A very interesting in the game int extent he work bending r, n BLINDNESS a little concentration and a very small dose of logic. The principle of this game is a bit special: your mission will fill the large 9 x 9 grid with digits from 1 to 9: horizontally, you must have the numbers 1 to 9, also vertically like this: you must have the numbers 1 to 9. This is also true for the small grid of 3 x 3. Warning, you must see to it that it is not rp bution of a number in a column in the same row or in the small grid. The goal of the game, some black figures you will be given at random, you have compl ter boxes with those remaining. It seems easy right?

How to play a Samurai Sudoku?

To play is simple: click on the game and wait for the end of tl loading it. Then click Play and choose the difficulty level at which you want to play. Click on a box and the num ro you want to place it on the pav num digital keyboard that is done. Attention is time you counted and tournament champion is the one who r ussira to fill all the boxes as quickly as possible so shaken up. To delete a filled box, click on it. Also invite friends to play a Sudoku with you where to beat their record.

Good set of r flexion and have fun well!

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