Flash game Defend Your Dirt

Defend Your Dirt shooter and tower defense

D covers the shooter and tower defense Defend Your Dirt and cleave a pile of dirt s attack against multiple enemies!

Anim a mad desire to play flash games without taking your head? Then you'll be well served with this super fun game that you're about. Defend Your Dirt (d fends of your waste) is a flash game classified in the category cat shooters About our portal flash games online. The principles of this game are very simple and easy handling.

In this completely original game, you have to crack a pile of dirt s attack against multiple enemies to destroy all your pr heaven who want to waste.

How to play Defend Your Dirt?

The controls of a mobile turret, instead of up and eliminates the approaching enemies. If you have a QWERTY keyboard (am Rican), use the WASD keys to move to.

If you have a QWERTY keyboard (french keyboard), best is to go with a QWERTY keyboard by pressing simultaneously ment SHIFT + ALT keys on your keyboard. If you are in this case, the control keys for WASD to move are then. Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Every 30 seconds, the action stops while a truck comes loaded with tons of extra ments of waste and magnifying your pile of hook, at the same time increasing the difficulty of the game to every enemy you, you earn points.

When you have enough points, take a break by pressing the button while in P. Accede Upgrades menu to purchase points or a fixed turret. Once the turret bought e, you can then place it on the ground. To do this, rest appuy the SHIFT key while placing of the mouse. Then click the left mouse button to position the turret.

Great soundtrack with the possibility to choose between many songs, all diff annuities and excellent. Defend Your Dirt is a shooter ad cover for shooting enthusiasts and action!

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