Flash game Flash Empires

Flash Empires game puzzle and tower defense

D covers Empires Flash Chat now a prot ger your castle!

You love to run your brain at best? Here is the perfect flash game to put your brains in reverse. Flash Empires is a very fun flash game that can be classified in the category cat games r flexion. The principles of the game are simple.

You have just prot ger your castle from enemy invasions Flash Empires, a game r flexion type Tower Defender absolutely cover ad on our portal online flash game. This game plays like every game type Tower Defender. From a top view, enemies coming from the bottom of the game screen and are planning to destroy your castle that sits at the top of the screen. You have got two types of defense to counter: one with towers of defense, a defense of with men.

How to play a Flash Empires?

The game controls are easy because you will not have need of your mouse to play. Click on the central building to access the menu der towers. Click on the rightmost building to access the menu unites der s. The castle is left where you can improve your equipment and am your standard of living.

Once in the menu to the left of the screen, click on either a tower or on a unit and remains appuy the left mouse button. D is then up your tower or your unit, ca d depend on the choice that you will do on the battlefield release the left mouse button. You have got several turns and diff ent soldiers, each with its own characteristics character. Choose well your defense of your investments and then click on the button at the bottom right to start the enemy attack.

Leaves you especially do not divide it and you like a acharn. Good luck and have fun yourself!

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