Flash game Protector

Protector game puzzle and tower defense

D covers the set of r bending and tower defense Protector and have fun have a mages and knights on the battlefield!

If you're a true fan of games in which your mind is only able to get out of it, stop searching. Here is a very fun flash game that you return the head of the two COTS if you give yourself a try. Protector (Ombudsman) is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat games r flexion.

This flash game is about our portal free flash games online. The principles of this game are very simple. It is a beautiful and very original Tower Defender complete. The turrets are replaced here by mages and knights with magical powers. What makes things a little more complex. You must have these mages or knights on the battlefield to crush waves of enemies.

How to play a Protector?

To play Protector is very easy! Click on one of the characters, and then click on one of the empty slots on the ground for the position. Click on the "Initiate Wave!" that the defense of your team is positioned e. You have to evolve eventually the power of these mages buying skills and exp experience. Simply click on one of the characters s disposed on the game board to acc der has his personal record.

Protector is punctuated by the horns of superb, animations r ussis and sumptuous music Trables param, this is a must Defender Tower gender strongly advisable! If you're a fan of this type of gameplay, you should very quickly pass the time n necessary to finish this game r flexion. Once-board in this game, you can not see the time passing, it is compl ment submerged in the game so tired of without delay part and shows your quality s good strategist.

Let's play and good luck to you!

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