Flash game Strategy Defense 3

Strategy Defense 3 game puzzle and tower defense

D covers the set of r bending and tower defense Tower Defender and have fun ad split a castle by building towers!

You like to rack your brains, you torture the m ninges even playing a flash game? So you'll no doubt love this great flash game brought to your disposal. Strategy Defense 3 is a flash game that is even rank in the category cat games r flexion. Find this flash game faster on our portal online flash game. The principles of this game are simple and the grip is super easy.

This game works under the principles of Tower Defender. In this game you have to defend your castle by building towers of protection in order to avoid enemy attacks. You had your disposal, towers of defenses and unites man lent s all for you to defend you and your castle. Over the parts, you can also improve am unites s attention while but it will cost you very much. Fighting against your enemies, you can earn a lot of money you can invest in unit s, arms or castle. Or you can then choose to upgrade (to a level) your towers.

How to play Strategy Defense 3?

In terms of game controllers, AC should not be complicated or ask you problem. Thou shalt not need your mouse to play. For we know how to take the title becomes quite easy to handle, even if you can find some redundancy to a fight the other. Visually, the graphics and animations are quite nice and the music overplay certain charm to this game, which is quite Ciable appr.

Within diff rent levels and environments, you must adapt your Use Strategy to not let invade you! So tired of straight part and shows your quality s the big day. Leaves you especially do.

Good game!

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