Flash game Puncho Puncho Plus

Puncho Puncho Plus a platform game arcade

Welcome to our arcade probably the most fun and most exciting game of our cat Category unusual & funny! You'll play this game for several minutes without you noticing the time passing. Do not look further and plays a Puncho Puncho Plus, an exciting and fun game, it will make you forget the stress and troubles of the journ e. You're going to tender without the time pass!

Without further ado, seized your computer and launches you into the game. Take control of the little guy in the middle of the small squares that appear on your screen. Course begins by clicking on Play! Once in the game you will see parts of gold and are a kind of swirl on these same small tiles, at certain times of the flowers appear coming and disappear. Collect all the gold parts are to be on the tiles for points, going as fast as you can to collect them all.

Whenever you pick a room you dor scores 5 points! Use the 'A' button to hit on the flowers when they appear, makes it fast before they disappear. Every time you hit on a flower it frees an object from the objects it there's explosives you gotta avoid it, then there's the bonus. Some bonuses you will earn 5 points and the other will make you earn hundreds of points.

And if you want to activate the turbo, press the Space key. Use arrows on the keyboard for you to move, to go from left to right using the left and right arrow and go to the front and rear using the arrows at the top and bottom. Good luck to you butes by level 1. Your score is displayed and your chrono's at the top of your game screen

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