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We are in 2059, the machines have taken over the earth. All were armed es td trout and robots reign absolute masters on the blue planet. In the four corners of the world, a resistance r is about to be established to address these invaders. Until now nobody has r USSI head to keep invaders. All attempts are sold are a total failure. In the shooting game Robot War, you are at the head of a pocket of remaining low ea New York and you cides to go confront these machines to lib rer earth.

You r ussis has come secretly in their mother ship and you must kill them without getting caught. Behave like the big super h ros "Robocop, Superman, Captain am rica, Spider man," the ros h of an entire people and protects humans. An antis all machines in green you'll find your way quickly and firing laser dissimil top gear throughout the corridors of the ship. crushes your opponents and be mercilessly. You should be able to kill them without them touching you. every time you limines an enemy increases your score and when you're touch your score decreases, remains on guard and anticipates enemy fire.

Fighting machines one by one and do the final boss in that humanity is sauv e. Can you assume this responsibility? To begin, click on "click here to start." To play Robot War must simply use the mouse. Will you be the long-awaited super h ros? Take your courage in both hands, throw yourself into battle and be the super h ro savior of the human being.

If you Choues was your mission, robots remain master and slave men will have their turn to the tarnish.

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