Flash game Celtic 4000

Celtic 4000 adventure game, and war simulation FPS

D covers the adventure game, war and simulation Celtic 4000 and evolve is a village in a Celtic kingdom!

You want to embark on adventures without scabs? You will be well served if you give yourself a try playing at this great flash game brought to your disposal. Celtic 4000 is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat adventure games.

Celtic 4000 ad cover as soon as possible on our portal online flash game. The principles of this game are simple. We will go back some years're back to the Celtic kingdom of cover.

War rages between the villages of the kingdom of the Celts. Your main objective in this game is to cr st and to evolve a village occupying buildings you and population. It is a simulation game where the FPS you have to work the villagers to collect plants and extract crystals, you need also to make them reproduce to increase the population, build new houses etc ... In some ways, you have first created a new village with everything is placed at your disposal.

How to play a Celtic 4000?

In terms of game controls, the game is played entirely using a mouse, simply click the people or homes for the update. You can also access the Inhabitants der Buildings and menu at the top of the screen the game screen for v VERIFY or is your population and whether you did a good job or not. Esth the perspective tick, the game feels under pr of very good graphics, it is almost in the r alit. A very good r realization for hours of fun while french! If you're a fan of games like that, hasten to laugh at yourself without delay part alongside Celtic 4000.

Have fun!

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