Flash game Raging Steel

Raging Steel shooter war

D Raging Steel covers and control a military tank in a d v serves to eliminate vehicles and enemy bases!

You like games or you pull on things? Games or you gums of targets without taking your head too? Then you'll definitely love this great flash game brought to your disposal.

Ranging Steel is a flash game that can be classified in the category cat shooters. The principles of this game are quite simple to master. D truis everything in your path in Raging Steel, a tank game with shoot'em up hitting available on our portal online flash game. As in all games of the genre Shooting (kills all), you have just to erase a sudden the ball or missile. From a top view, you control a military tank and you have to go to the used in search of v vehicles and enemy bases.

How to play a Raging Steel?

enemy fire quickly and truis all on your way. If you have a QWERTY keyboard (am Rican), use the WASD keys to move to in the game if you own a QWERTY keyboard (french keyboard), it is best to go with a QWERTY keyboard by pressing MĂȘ me time the SHIFT + ALT keys. If you are in this case, the control keys are then WASD.

Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Ranging Steel is a game of war with great graphics and stunning animations and sound effects r ultra realistic and explosives, we believe it yourself! Sometimes you need to know to connect its neurons, and set off to engage in a gland that asks you to destroy all of you without worrying about anything.

A title certainly quite simple but cruelly effective. So we have a good deal of anticipation to reach the end of the title. A soldier attack!

Have fun!

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