Flash game Skywolf

Skywolf shooter war

D covers the shooter and war Skywolf Chat now has control a warship to confront the enemy force!

You want to play games and erase targets without thank you? Then you will be well served with this great flash game brought to your disposal. Skywolf is a very fun flash game and raving that can be classified in the category cat shooters. Skywolf is a set of aircraft available and cover ad on our portal online flash game shooting.

The principles of this game are very simple and support the game is very easy. In this game you control a warship to confront the enemy force.

How to play a Skywolf?

The game controls are adaptive.

If you have a QWERTY (English keyboard) keyboard, the arrow keys are WASD. And If you have a QWERTY keyboard (french keyboard) the keys are WASD. Or just change the keyboard by clicking simultaneous ment SHIFT + ALT keys on your keyboard to change to English keyboard. You can shoot by pressing the J key, and if you appuy remains the K button, you can load the ultimate attack, once the green bar at the bottom right of the game screen is full, you can launch this attack.

This bar load as and as you consider saddles causes damage to the enemy. The title offers us a way "infinite" and many of you did ussiras r so of course you're tm rary and attentive. Accompanied by exceptional graphics, this is an excellent time killer that works for both children and adults. We quickly happ in this universe where only the fittest reigns.

D gum everything you see, before it is too late. If you're a fan of shooters, tired of a party without delay by clicking on the image of the game Have fun!

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